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03 keyboardmats

Pad-Zilla™ keyboard mats are the perfect size for a full 88 keyboard, like the Roland featured in these pictures to the right.

With 3mm thick padding, your keyboard will not move as it is "nestled" into your keyboard mat. They also reduce vibration feedback as the Pad-Zilla™ absorbs most of the shock. This is especially true for keyboardists playing in a band on stage, which are usually wooden. Drum vibrations, speaker vibrations as well as the audience all impact your keyboard vibrational feedback.

For even more comfort, add a second Pad-Zilla™ under your keyboard seat for added cushioning for your bottom and your legs. This makes long sessions or gigs that much more comfortable and less stressful! Industries have been using rubber foot mats for added comfort for decades. The same comfort factors apply for keyboardists and drummers!

Keyboard Mats