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About Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pads!

Welcome to MousePads.Cool - Home of Pad-Zilla® the world's biggest giant mouse pads!

Pad-Zilla® giant mouse pads

Pad-Zilla™ is the World's Biggest Mousepad. These mouse pads / mouse mats cover your entire desk, giving you complete freedom of movement for gaming, work and all other computer use.

The fabric surface is silken smooth, excellent for tracking and feel, and the edges are finished with silken stitching to limit fraying. With thick 3mm (5.5 pounds) cushioning and a non-slip backing, it protects your desk giving you a quiet, comfortable surface to spread out on.

Additionally the rich colors and beautiful designs we offer add atmospheric enhancement to any gaming or working environment.

Pad-Zilla® Size Chart

Currently only our Large size (60"x30") is available in "printed" Pad-Zilla®. In addition, our line of solid black giant mouse pads, 3mm thick, with black sewn edges are available in the following sizes.

Currently Available Sizes:

  • Pip Squeak (PS) (12" wide x 12" tall)

  • Extra Small (ES) (24" wide x 14" tall)

  • Small (S) (36" wide x 16" tall)

  • Medium (M) (48" wide x 24" tall)

  • Large (L) (60" wide x 30" tall)

  • Extra Large (XL) (72" wide x 30" tall)

  • Extra-Extra-Large (2XL) (84" wide x 36" tall)

  • Extra-Extra-Extra-Large (3XL) (96" wide x 36" tall)

Coming Soon:

  • Extremely Ginormous (EG) (17 feet wide by 43" tall)

Technical Details About Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pads!

We believe your Pad-Zilla™ mousepads are the best mousing solution out there in terms of uniqueness, utility and quality. We have exhaustively examined the materials, thickness, imagery and all other characteristics of our product to now deliver the best mousepad we can. Our team has been using their Pad-Zilla™ mousepads for over a year on a daily basis and we can tell you from experience that the comfort and freedom they provide literally changes your workflow. Being able to move your mouse anywhere, effortlessly, is an experience unique to Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepads!

We invite you to experience this freedom for yourself! Our favorite challenge after watching someone use a Pad-Zilla™ mousepad for a few days or week is - 'So, do you want your old mousepad back?' Simply said, it doesn't happen, and the concerned expressions on our customers faces says 'everything' as they consider returning to their old ways.

Listed below are a few general observations on the manufacturing characteristics and website depictions of our Pad-Zilla™ mousepads.

Website Product Photos

All Pad-Zilla™ product photos were taken with an iPhone 5 and are actual product images. They are unaltered with the exception that some have been cropped to fit, on some we added the edge border for clarity, and all have been "reduced" in image quality for page load speed on our website.

Sewn Edges

Every Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepad has slight "rippling" along the short edges. This is normal and a part of the manufacturing process. You may also find some slight initial creases in the mousepad when first unrolled. This is also normal and smooths out with use.

Product Colors

Colors of Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepads will vary slightly from one production run to another. You should also be aware that your monitor colors may be different from the actual product delivered. In some cases Pad-Zilla™ may be brighter and more color rich than your monitor colors. In others they may have less bright colors. Printing on a 5 foot plus rubber & material surface took us over a year to perfect.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe you will be delighted with your Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 15 days, simply return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price less shipping charges.

Additional Pad-Zilla® Info

  • Our first (25) designs are five foot (60") wide by 2.5 feet tall (30"). These are the standard 5 foot desk dimensions. We also offer a 4 foot and a 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™. Our 4' is 48" by 24". We also offer custom sizes! Right now you may upload images you own to our existing "Create Your Own" system!
  • Pad-Zilla™ mouse pads are made from 100% natural, renewable rubber. They are Eco friendly and RoHs, REACH, SVHC,EN-71, Phthlates (9p) certified. They are non-toxic, odorless, anti-skid, waterproof, durable, and customizable!
  • Our surface tracking material is a superb dense knit "silky" tracking surface that also allows brilliant high definition dye sublimation printing. Your mouse will "glide" across our surface and you will feel the joy of unrivaled "freedom of movement" unlike anything you've used before!
  • We decided early on we wanted the absolute best materials, and the very best craftsmanship in our giant mouse pads. One example of this is we use a close-knit colored sewn edge around the entire mouse pad. Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepads have sewn edges on all four sides for durability and elegance. Color coordinated with your design these sewn edges cost us more, but ensure your mouse pads are held to a higher standard of quality control. Designed to keep edges from fraying like traditional mouse pads do over time. Our sewn edges will reduce or eliminate fraying and add that classic color contrast!
  • Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pads are 3mm thick and weigh 5 pounds (6 pounds with mailing tube)! This cushions your arms & elbows and keyboards! The material is dense closed cell natural rubber that is soft and pliable with great elasticity! Gamers will love our mailing tube that will allow you to roll up your pad for tournaments!
  • Washable with mild soap and water for hand cleaning! For really stubborn stains or grease smudges we recommend a grease cutting detergent soap like Dawn (part of the proceeds go towards animal rescue-wink). Mix the Dawn with mildly hot water and blot the stain or smudge. Use a washcloth or micro-fiber cloth (preferred) and rub the stain out. Repeat as necessary till the stain is removed. Our mouse pads are actually very tough and resilient. TIP: For easy cleanups, use a lint roller (especially for the solid black Pad-Zilla™).

The Linus Tech Tips Pad-Zilla™ Product Reveal Video - Our Stats!

We launched MousePads.Cool to coincide with the Linus Tech Tips product reveal video on February 1, 2016. Inside of 9 months, we have been blessed with the following viewer and visitor comment counts about our Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepads.