Sample Wholesale Custom Pad-Zilla®

  • Pad-Zilla® Selected for Augmented Reality

    This week MousePads.Cool was selected by Vizitech USA - an education and training company specializing in 3D technology, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) learning programs, to create custom Pad-Zilla® giant desk mats for their augmented reality program! As this was for an AR program, ViziTech's need for superior quality giant printed pads with exacting tolerances, is why we were...
  • Squarriors The Card Game Playmat

    "My company, Cold War Incorporated, has gone to Pad-Zilla® for several large projects. All of them were handled professionally and with urgency. Patrick and the MousePads.Cool team were always in close contact, and made us feel like our projects were as valuable to them, as they were to us. The final product always exceeded quality expectations, making our customers happy, and ensuring Cold War,...
  • ZVUK Expressive MIDI Controller

    About a year ago Dragan Pozder of ZVUK Machines in Croatia contacted us. They needed a supplier to create ultra-high quality industrial surface pads for their new ZVUK 9 Expressive MIDI Controller. This amazing piece of technology allows you to create and play music with your fingers. You literally "Shape Sound With Your Hands" (see video below). MousePads.Cool supplied several samples to Dragan...
  • Pad-Zilla® Augmented Reality Sol-AR™ System

    Pad-Zilla® Custom Solar Table Track Map for ViziTech USA This week MousePads.Cool delivered a second Augmented Reality (AR) Pad-Zilla® to our client Vizitech USA - an education and training company specializing in 3D technology, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) learning programs! We have now created two custom Pad-Zilla® giant desk mats for their augmented reality programs!...
  • Ketra - World High-End Lighting Leader

    At the beginning of April we were contaced by Greg Barrett, Product Manager for Ketra Inc., the world leader in state-of-the-art high-end lighting solutions. Based in Austin, Texas, Ketra needed "quality table protectors" for their sales teams to lay their products on. Greg wanted solid black mats with sewn edges, and precise positioning of their logo. The master print file we created to their...

Custom Sized Solid Black Pad-Zilla® Now Available! Only 2 1/2 Weeks From Start To Finish!

Custom Solid Black Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pad Sizes Now Available to the Public!

Custom Printed Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pads Now Available! Only 2 1/2 Weeks From Start To Finish!

Custom Printed Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pads Now Available to the Public!

Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross!

Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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Pad-Zilla® Giant Mouse Pads Verified Buyer Reviews - As Always!

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Video Testimonials!

Recently we sent an email to our customers asking if they would be interested in creating a 20+ second video about their thoughts on their Pad-Zilla®. ColdWar and Andy Wasserman graciously sent along thier video testimonials.
Riley Mullins received a free Pad-Zilla® for his video, and Marshall Felker was compensated for his. Thank you all for all the time, effort and thought you put into your testimonials!


Pad-Zilla® Customer Reviews

  • I would buy again

    "Huge mouse pad almost the size of my desk. Solid quality and feels great under my mouse."


  • Great pad!!

    "I've had the pad for over a year and it's holding up great! Would definitely recommend!"

    ~Nathaniel Roy

  • Awesoms

    "Been using this mousepad for a year now and I can't believe how nice it still is as well as being easily cleaned. I still don't feel a need to buy a new one and it hasn't worn down at all."

    ~Chase Devoto

  • Love it!

    "I bought this one since the one I wanted was sold out, but I have to say, this is a great mouse pad!"

    ~Trevor Marasco

  • Perfect Mat

    "Perfect mat that fit nearly my entire desk, won’t be shopping for another brand any time soon!"

    ~Ryan Hensarling

  • "Hey Patrick, Love my Pad-Zilla! It gives a good clean look to the desk. You can see the mouse on the right in one picture but the monitor is far left. That was inconvenient to say the least. But now, thanks to Pad-Zilla problem solved. The pad was actually longer than the desk (knew that when ordered) so I wrapped it around the edge of my desk on both sides and stapled it up underneath the edge of desk. Worked perfectly. The sewn edge is an excellent idea. Custom sizes if possible would be an excellent feature. Wish I could have ordered with a US flag and Texas Flag on it. Hey Patrick, you made this purchase a great experience! Thank you for your time. I’m originally from Nashville. Played a lot of baseball in Goodletsville and lived in Madison for a while also. Thanks again," Mike Haun

  • "This thing is awesome. It's exactly what I was looking for to cover my new stand-up desk (5' pad). Thank you for the quick shipping. My coworkers thought I was crazy for ordering a "mouse pad" this large, but it serves two purposed for me. Thanks again and wish you continued success." ~Chris

  • "Patrick, This is the coolest mousepad ever. What do you think? It’s going to look great on my desk. Go check them out. Super good quality. I absolutely love it. ~Vicki

  • [Henrik in Germany wanted a curved front. I suggested he cut the Pad-Zilla® with scissors then have a seamstress sew the cut edge] "Hi Patrick, So now everything is cut and sewed and has been fitted to the table. Now my working desk is a lot more comfortable, and I can use my mouse all over. Thank you :) Best regards Henrik"

  • "Hi Patrick, The pad is amazing super smooth, not used to the glide on it so it took me a day or two to get used to how fast my mouse got without as much friction, but really liking it. Fits my needs perfectly. Wanted to say thank you again for the amazing customer support. ~Favio

  • [Lucas purchased (2) 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®] "Hello Patrick, I've received the mouse pads and absolutely love them. They are everything I expected and more. The two pads measured in at 7.5mm, which exceeded my expectations. It's the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and style. I've been trying to find my tripod to take some professional photos, but haven't had much luck, so here are a few pictures from my iPhone X for now. Thank you, Lucas"

  • [Stephan purchased (2) 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®] "Hey Patrick! We absolutely love them! We just did 2 weeks of giveaways for some Hats and your mouse pads! I talk about them on our stream all the time. Hope you got a bit of traffic to your site the past couple weeks I was promoting your site in twitter twitch and instagram. But haven't been able to find your social media. But I appreciate you following up we love the pads!" Stephan

  • [Chris purchased (2) 4 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®] "I've already got them on our 4' glass desks. They look and feel great. I'm gonna post about them and your fantastic customer service, and not to mention the quick delivery to my Facebook page. Very satisfied customer here. Thanks again, Chris."

  • "Thank you Patrick for your hospitality!!!"

  • "Hey Patrick, I was wandering if there was any way I could get a high resolution picture emailed to me of the "event horizon" mouse pad. I really like the look and want to set it as my back ground. Below I've included my newer set up if you care to see. Thank you again for y'all being such a great company. Y'all are truely amazing."

  • "I don't normally take time to write about products I buy, but I wanted to thank you very much for the great product quality you're offering. I just received my printed giant mouse pad and it is amazing!!! I play alot of FPS games so this is going to help with that low mouse sensitivity! I think you're the only one offering that kind of mouse pad. Thanks again and keep that good work ! :)"

  • "Dear Patrick, My Pad-Zilla arrived today and I am really happy with this mouspad. I find the Quality and the first impression is very good! I did forget that I have to pay duties for the import to Germany (11€) :D I will use this now as my daily mouspad and will report back after some time how it is. Thank you for the quick shipping. With best regards"

  • "I know that it has been a few months since I purchased a Pad-Zilla, but I did want to give you a big shout-out and thank you for such a great product. Long story, short: I am thoroughly impressed with and enjoying our Pad-Zilla. Thank you for providing such a great product. I wish you lots of success."

  • "The opening the box experience was amazing, and it feels really nice to the touch. I need to rearrange my desk before I can actually give you a solid opinion, but right now I have high hopes because of the overall quality I see now."

  • Our question to Tanner on the arrival of his custom shaped Pad-Zilla™ today. "So, have you unwrapped your Pad-Zilla™ yet?" "I sure have! I have to say it is more spectacular than expected! I can't see myself going without a Pad-Zilla. Thanks so much, Patrick!"

  • "I'm sending this email to share my usage of the mousepad I bought from you guys. I bought a brand new desk and I didn't want it to get scratched. I wanted to cover the desk with something cool not any regular leather crap that is overpriced. I remembered watching a video on LinusTechTips about your product. I am getting my setup ready for VR and Space simulator and I found the giant nebula mousepad to be fitting with my desktop background that I have photoshoped myself. Again thanks for existing and sending me a cool mousepad (with a really good packaging). I'm also sending you guys my "F-16 in space" background just in case you guys want to consider turning it into a mouse pad."

  • "Patrick, as promised here are some pictures of the Pad-Zilla™ you sent me on my computer desk. I received it in the mail yesterday and have given it some good "testing" since. I've had no problems with it, and I was amazed at what a quality product it was, rather than just the novelty (and somewhat a joke) I thought it might be. You really did do an excellent job designing these. The tracking, grip, and feel of the pad are all outstanding, not to mention the awesome designs! :) Once again thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see what a Pad-Zilla™ is really like! You can definitely count on a positive vote from me, and I won't hesitate to recommend it to my friends. Well done!"

  • "I got my mousepad yesterday, and so far I am very satisfied with it. It's very high quality and worth the money in my opinion, and it's very comfortable for my wrists. I bought it mostly to protect the surface of my desk, and it seems very good for doing just that. I attached a picture of it to this email. I would definitely recommend this product to friends."

  • "You honestly have an excellent product, I could not live with out this now having known what it's like. Pleasure to work with you, keep in contact."

Pad-Zilla® Video Spotlight

Over 1,621,392 Views!

We launched MousePads.Cool with this Linus Tech Tips product reveal video on our Pad-Zilla® on February 1, 2016. Linus shows off our "Distances" and "Wings" Pad-Zilla® giant mouse pads with some funny skits on their uses!