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The World's Biggest & Most Comfortable Mouse Pads!

Whatever you call them - Drum Mats. Drum Rugs, Drum Pads, or Drum Kit Mats, they keep your drums from creeping and ruining a session or gig. Our Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats are a 3mm dense all natural rubber, non-skid, floor reverb cushion that weighs 5 pounds (6 pounds with reusable tube). They dampen floor noise & distortion, cushion you and your instruments, and easily roll-up & store in their own tubes.

The pictures above feature two of our SKU #020: Helix Pad-Zilla™. Each measures 60" wide by 30" tall. When placed side-by-side as in the pictures above, they make a 5 foot by 5 foot square. Add more Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats as needed.

For a cool effect, upload your own images or logos and we'll create a one-of-a-kind Drum Mat for you!

Our first (25) designs are five foot (60") wide by 2.5 feet tall (30"). Later this year we will offer custom sizes! Right now you may upload images & logos with our "Create Your Own" system!

Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats are made from 100% natural, renewable rubber. They are Eco friendly and RoHs, REACH, SVHC,EN-71, Phthlates (9p) certified. They are non-toxic, odorless, anti-skid, waterproof, durable, and customizable!

Surface Material:
Our surface material is a superb dense knit "silky" tracking surface that also allows brilliant high definition dye sublimation printing. Your instruments will find a "cushioned home" in our 3mm dense natural rubber Drum Mats!

Sewn Edges:
We decided early on we wanted the absolute best materials, and the very best craftsmanship in our Drum. One example of this is we use a close-knit colored sewn edge around the entire Drum Mat. Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats have sewn edges on all four sides for durability and elegance. Color coordinated with your design these sewn edges cost us more, but ensure your Drum Mats are held to a higher standard of quality control. Designed to keep edges from fraying. Our sewn edges will reduce or eliminate fraying and add that classic color contrast!

Thickness & Weight:
Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats are 3mm thick and weigh 5 pounds (6 pounds with mailing tube)! This cushions your instruments, reduces movement, sound cushion, reduces floor reverberation, cushions you on a dense Drum Mat! The material is dense closed cell natural rubber that is soft and pliable with great elasticity! Comes with a traveling & storage tube that will allow you to roll up your pad for gigs!

Washable with mild soap and water for hand cleaning!

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