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Amazing Mousepad!

The design is so much better in person. Had high expatiation's about the mouse pad and it absolutely crushed it. I play a lot of fps games and at a low sensitivity, I love the extreme mouse space. It tracks perfectly no issues. It only took it about 4-5 days to arrive at my house. also customer service was amazingly nice and polite.

I was originally going to get the "undersea mouse pad" because the black panther was sold out. but one of the employees found a extra black panther for me! which couldn't be happier.overall 5 star experience buying from here.


actuals 019 panther

I bought this...

It was actually very good and I loved the huge mouse pad I use it everyday and the surface is so satisfying my mouse glides across it. It also looks a lot better than the picture of it in the photo.

Overall I really love it.


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Hey Patrick,

Love my Pad-Zilla!  It gives a good clean look to the desk.  You can see the mouse on the right in one picture but the monitor is far left.  That was inconvenient to say the least. But now, thanks to Pad-Zilla problem solved.  The pad was actually longer than the desk (knew that when ordered) so I wrapped it around the edge of my desk on both sides and stapled it up underneath the edge of desk. Worked perfectly.  
The sewn edge is an excellent idea.  Custom sizes if possible would be an excellent feature.  Wish I could have ordered with a US flag and Texas Flag on it.
Hey Patrick, you made this purchase a great experience! Thank you for your time.
I’m originally from Nashville.  Played a lot of baseball in Goodletsville and lived in Madison for a while also.
Thanks again,
Mike Haun
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2 60 desktop pad size grande

"This thing is awesome. It's exactly what I was looking for to cover my new stand-up desk (5' pad). Thank you for the quick shipping. My coworkers thought I was crazy for ordering a "mouse pad" this large, but it serves two purposes for me.

Thanks again and wish you continued success."



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[Henrik in Germany wanted a curved front. I suggested he cut the Pad-Zilla® with scissors then have a seamstress sew the cut edge]

"Hi Patrick,
You can use the picture for sure. This is my experience with PadZilla
A very easy process, getting the PadZilla to fit my curved table. I tried to cut it with a scissor, but I got a lot better result with a sharp knife. I just put the PadZilla in the table, and used the edge of the table to cut the edge.
I had a professional sewing company to sew the edge, so the PadZilla feels like it came out of the box. Now the table feels a lot nicer, and the mouse reacts very good with this surface.
Highly recommendable product :)
Best regards Henrik"

"Hi Patrick,

So now everything is cut and sewed and has been fitted to the table. Now my working desk is a lot more comfortable, and I can use my mouse all over. Thank you :)
Best regards Henrik"