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The World's Biggest & Most Comfortable Mouse Pads!

Michael ChowPatrick, I should have sent this note earlier — thank you SO MUCH for everything. I HAVE been enjoying the mousepad you sent me, it’s been critical to my recovery. I basically spent a two full weeks after surgery on my ass enjoying this beauty of a thing. Improved my Counter-Strike performance dramatically, because I use a really low mouse sensitivity for higher precision.

And I haven’t been back to Santa Monica yet, but my wife’s cousin (who is taking care of the house) received the custom gray pad, put it on my desk, and said it’s beautiful and fits perfectly. I’m heading back there for a few weeks to get some things in order at work, before coming back here to Baltimore. So I’ll get a few weeks with it and my home rig, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for it. =) I’ll send pictures when I arrive.

I can’t thank you enough, and I look forward to my next order (probably for my desk at work). I work at Riot Games — so at that point, you might get a bunch of new orders because I’m sure the pad will accrue admirers. =)

Thank you again, Patrick — really!!!!!

Michael Chow
R&D at Riot Games
Harvard University
Santa Monica, California