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Solid Black - Orders Shipped & In-Stock This Week! All pre-orders are being delivered this week! Both solid black Pad-Zilla™ models are available and shipping this week!

Click for: 60" by 30" Solid Black Pad-Zilla™ Giant Mouse Pad! 5 Foot by 2.5 Foot - 5.5 Pounds!

Click for: 48" by 24" Solid Black Pad-Zilla™ Giant Mouse Pad! 4 Foot by 2 Foot - 4 Pounds!

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We are pleased to announce the availability of two new solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pads! We have a 30" by 60" (our 5 foot model - Size L) and a 24" by 48" (our 4 foot model - Size S). Featuring a soft and comfortable 3mm thick mouse pad (5.5 pounds of comfort!), with a washable solid black cloth surface, and solid black sewn edges for years of durability!