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Control vs Speed

Ever wonder what the real differences are between textured and smooth cloth mouse pad surface are? We did and even created a video to show you! We have read so many conflicting descriptions that we wanted to set the record straight!

MousePads.Cool offers both styles in our new Pad-Zilla® “Professional Gamer Series” and even offer them with (4) options. Textured Surface (more control) or Smooth Surface (more speed) Both are offered with “Laser-Cut” or “Sewn” edges!

Both styles offer tons of room measuring 36” wide by 16” tall. Our oversized pads work great for gamers as they allow you to concentrate on winning, and not where your mouse is! Your motions are much wider (especially for low sensitivity gamers).

Pad-Zilla® mouse pads improve your accuracy whether you like high or low sensitivity mouse pads as each of our styles is designed specifically to provide a very controlled glide!

Let’s highlight some of the real-world differences:

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Control: (SKU#’s: 30 & 31)

  • Great for low-sensitivity gaming
  • Lots of control via the texture
  • More control without sacrificing speed
  • Less wear on mouse feet

Speed: (SKU#’s: 32 & 33)

  • Great for high-sensitivity gaming
  • Accuracy with very little friction
  • Ultra-smooth tracking surface
  • Easier on hands & arms in extended sessions

Our video highlights the differences. The Pad-Zilla® on the left is our Laser-Cut Control Surface (SKU#: 31) and the Pad-Zilla® on the right is our Laser-Cut Speed Surface (SKU#: 33).

We offer (4) styles of our smallest mouse pads the "Professional Gamer Series" at 36" wide by 16" tall.

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