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Techzei.com in India Pad-Zilla™ Product Review

"About PadZilla, I believe you have to put it out there! It is the kind of product which is hard to describe and I didn't appreciate it this much before I used it. Now, I can't imagine my desk without one!"  ~Vignesh Selvasundar Managing Editor, Techzei October 7, 2016


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PadZilla Review: Get ready to go Big!7

When thinking of a setup, we don’t really think about the Mousepad. But that is probably the single most important part of your setup. I hate the harsh wood of my large table against my palms when I’m typing or while using the mouse. So I had a Large Razer Goliath Mat for the Keyboard and one Medium Sized Goliath for the mouse. Apart from that, I had another small area with Microfibre Cloth to place my phones on and keep them scratch free. With all this on my table, it was a huge mess. I’ve tried some of the larger mousepads, but none of them worked. Till I came across Pad-Zilla™!

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Pad-Zilla™ is a large mousepad which covers every inch of the desk. Pad-Zilla adds a cushioned surface to your entire desk which doubles up as a mousepad. It is a bit thick and provides the optimal level of cushioning.

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The surface of Pad-Zilla™ has a fantastic design which spans over the whole mat. There are about 25 designs to choose from. It is super smooth, and the artwork is fade-resistant. On the other side, it has a non-slip rubber base because of which(And also the weight of this thing) the Mousepad is not going to move around. The Silken Smooth surface and the rubber base is stiched together pretty well. The whole mat is washable, without having to worry about the stitching or the print coming off.

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The Pad-Zilla™ is unbelievably large and is unlike any product that I’ve ever seen. It is so huge that it can also double up as a Yoga Mat!

The Mouse Mat comes at a standard size of 60 x 30 Inches. Pad-Zilla™ retails at $70, and there’s a black only version without any design on it for $60. The only other option is a bit smaller one at 48 x 24 inches, and this one comes only in black which retails at $50.

 padzilla techzei surface


The Mouse Mat is ridiculously heavy. It weighs about 5.5 Pounds (2.5Kg), and the package is huge. It comes in a reusable case and will naturally incur a shipping cost. It costs $10 to ship within the US, or a standard fee of $25 to ship to other countries.

This Mat alone exponentially increased the comfort of using my computer. I’ve been using it for about two months now, and there are no signs of Wear & Tear. It has high quality sewn edges which are not going to fray and the waterproof silken smooth surface is easy to clean whenever I spill something.

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It is hard to describe the kind of value it provides. This is something which has to be experienced. But, if you have a large table like me, do yourself a favour and get one of these. You’re going to be happy with it, above and beyond. Don’t trust me? Check out why Linus also recommends them: