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I know that it has been a few months since I purchased a Pad-Zilla, but I did want to give you a big shout-out and thank you for such a great product.
My wife and I are gamers...but not the kind you think.  We really love hobby board games, and we have struggled to find a good, portable playing surface that we can use for our games.  Play mats have always been a welcome addition to a board game, but not all games come with them, or their footprint on the table is too large for a "standard" size play mat.
I was researching ways to see if we could make our own customized, giant-sized "mouse pad" type mat.  It was not very encouraging with materials, cost, and just doing it.  In fact, at one point we tried making our own "poker-felt" type mat that really did not turn out well and we were very displeased with its performance.  Then I ran across a video advertisement for your Pad-Zilla product.  I had never heard of a desk-sized mouse pad before, but the idea makes a lot of sense for pro-video gamers.  The size is about the same size we were looking at creating for our dinning room table (which is on the smaller size out of necessity), so I decided to give it a try.  And I'm pleased to say, that it does not disappoint.
I know it isn't for everyone, but for our purposes, it is great; we can remove it when we aren't playing games and it is easy to roll out when game night comes around.  The surface is decent for board games; it is a little "slick" for cards, but nothing outrageous.  Our only complaint (and it is minor) is the width of the pad; we wish it was just a little bit wider for our table, but that is a small quip that is outweighed by the advantages.
Long story, short: I am thoroughly impressed with and enjoying our Pad-Zilla.  Thank you for providing such a great product.  I wish you lots of success.
Ryan Sauter