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We are pleased to announce the availability of custom Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad shapes! We just completed our first custom shape today. Our new friend Tanner wanted us to create a custom shape. Essentially we needed to make two 90 degree bends, in a very short space, on both sides.

For cheaply made die-cut mouse pads tight corners like this are not an issue. Our higher quality Pad-Zilla™ mouse pads have a very tight-knit sewn edge for longevity and edge protection. Making these tight bends was not easy. It is also not an issue for us!

Our question to Tanner on the arrival of his custom shaped Pad-Zilla™ today. "So, have you unwrapped your Pad-Zilla™ yet?"

"I sure have! I have to say it is more spectacular than expected! I can't see myself going without a Pad-Zilla. Thanks so much, Patrick!" ~Tanner

Thank you Tanner! ~MousePads.Cool

custom shaped giant desk mat plans

Desk setup before our Pad-Zilla™.

Pad-Zilla™ - before 1

Pad-Zilla™ - before 2

Pad-Zilla™ - before 1

The bends/cut-outs were to facilitate desk shelf risers. Tanner's design allows for full coverage of his desk! (P.S. These photos were taken when the Pad-Zilla™ was first unrolled. Shipping wrinkles smooth themselves out within hours of first use and are normal.)

Pad-Zilla™ - after 1

Pad-Zilla™ - after 2

Pad-Zilla™ - after 3