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We are building & installing a new shopping cart today. So far the Custom Printed and Custom Solid Black Pad-Zilla® have been upgraded to the new cart. Later this evening our other products will be upograded.

Custom Printed Or Solid Shapes & Sizes Available Again! We have started taking orders for printed or solid custom Pad-Zilla® again!

Our factory has doubled their capacity and may now produce up to 100,000 pieces for us each month. Because of their new capacity, we may now accept orders for custom sizes, custom shapes, custom printed, in both solid or printed designs. Please be aware that custom Pad-Zilla® are literally a hand made custom mouse pad, in very large sizes. As such, they are expensive pieces of art and design. Please note. If we are to print a custom Pad-Zilla®, you must own the design or received copyright clearance for this. You may never use someone else's work without permission. We will not print copyrighted designs without permission.