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World's First Giant Mouse Pads! How It All Started!

In early 2014 I was building a very cool video editing rig and had really aweful desks, I mean really bad. This coupled with really long arms led me to find a solution. I then spent weeks trying to find a giant mouse pad. There weren't any so I decided to see if I could make one. After a solid year and a half of trial and error we were able to begin building the world's biggest mouse pads! We were the first, and remain the creators of the largest mouse pads in the world (currently our largest mouse pad is 8 feet long)!
The Back Story: Long Arms & a Cool Rig In 2014 Started It All!

Have you ever struggled with small mouse pads? Constantly having to pick your mouse back up onto an 8" by 10" mousepad is distracting and cumbersome. You are also spending time subconsciously thinking about the "edge" of your mouse pad instead of on your work (or game - smile). It just does not make sense to be constrained by your mouse pad.

desk 001Let's face it. The human hand and forearm are not designed to hold & move a 4" by 2" computer mouse inside a tiny 8" by 10" rectangle. If you spend any time on a computer as we do, then you know the fatigue caused by using a computer mouse in a restricted environment. Personally, my arm was always sore from the restriction of movement and my hands & wrists were sore from the repetitive stress of picking the mouse back up onto the tiny mousepads.

I also had some old desks that looked (and felt) rough. They had chips & cracks and really were on their way out.

In 2014 I decided to do something about it. I began researching what would be involved in producing the world's biggest mouse pads. I knew I needed a graphic arts "guru" so I enlisted Perry Penick and his extensive experience with digital graphic arts to co-found MousePads.Cool and our Pad-Zill® giant mousepads.

actuals 004 red racerThe next thing we needed was the ability to create an exceptionally responsive tracking surface that also allowed for full color "brilliant" printing. Once solved we moved on to finding a way to marry an all natural rubber, non-skid, anti-static base to these printed works of art.

Once we solved this, we moved on to the  edges. Mouse pads traditionally rely on die cut edges which lead to early fraying of the edges. We wanted Pad-Zilla® giant mouse pads to provide years of functionality & enjoyment. We decided to use a finely sewn, tightly-knit edge around the entire Pad-Zilla® even though it cost us a fair amount of money to do so. We believe it not only add years to the life of your Pad-Zilla®, but it accentuates the beauty of your chosen Pad-Zilla® design! We have been testing our Pad-Zilla's, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, since September of 2014. Not one edge has frayed. Not even close!

Click to Enlarge!The next item to address was the outer tube & packaging. Each Pad-Zilla® is individually packaged in a clear protective sleeve, then inserted into a sturdy outer tube. It had to be sturdy, reusable, unique, and beautifully printed. You have a very cool tube for your Pad-Zilla® if you take them to shows or gaming events, or simply need a convenient way to store or transport your Pad-Zilla® for any reason!

We then place all of this into an outer shipping box that is 36" tall by 5" by 5" because we want you to have a beautiful experience with a Pad-Zilla® from the moment you open your box, to the moment you move your computer mouse with total "freedom of movement!"

005After over a year of research, development, sample testing & refinement, we are proud to present 25 individually unique and beautiful Pad-Zilla® designs!

We have also created a system that allows you to print your own copyrighted images, logos, or product details.

In addition, we have a wholseale department that can help you create a one-of-a-kind brand awareness campaign that is "in front" of your customers more than most other products!

Tonight is our product launch and the team and I are so grateful that you took the time to stop by to learn more. We sincerely believe we have created the finest and most unique mouse pad available today, and hope that we have the opportunity to help you experience it for yourself!

With respect,
~Patrick Doyle
November, 2015