2 60 desktop pad size grande

"Hi Patrick,

The pad is amazing super smooth, not used to the glide on it so it took me a day or two to get used to how fast my mouse got without as much friction, but really liking it. Fits my needs perfectly. Wanted to say thank you again for the amazing customer support.


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[Lucas purchased (2) 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®]

"Hello Patrick,

I've received the mouse pads and absolutely love them. They are everything I expected and more. The two pads measured in at 7.5mm, which exceeded my expectations. It's the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and style.
I've been trying to find my tripod to take some professional photos, but haven't had much luck, so here are a few pictures from my iPhone X for now.
Thank you,
[Lucas left an online review as well. - Thank you Lucas!]

Perfect Size & Material

"I ordered two of these and stacked them to go along with a triple monitor gaming setup, and couldn't be happier. It looks and feels perfect (top and bottom), no logos on the front like other manufacturers (just a small hidden tag underneath), the price was right, and the shipping was quick. Great company. Highly recommended! :)"


2 60 desktop pad size grande

[Stephan purchased (2) 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®]

"Hey Patrick!

We absolutely love them!  We just did 2 weeks of giveaways for some Hats and your mouse pads! I talk about them on our stream all the time. Hope you got a bit of traffic to your site the past couple weeks I was promoting your site in twitter twitch and instagram. But haven't been able to find your social media. But I appreciate you following up we love the pads! "

Stephan Pauld

2 48 desktop pad size grande
[Chris purchased (2) 4 foot solid black Pad-Zilla®]
"I've already got them on our 4' glass desks.  They look and feel great.
I'm gonna post about them and your fantastic  customer service, and not to mention the quick delivery to my Facebook page. Very satisfied customer here.
Thanks again,

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"Hey Patrick, I was wandering if there was any way I could get a high resolution picture emailed to me of the "event horizon" mouse pad. I really like the look and want to set it as my back ground. Below I've included my newer set up if you care to see. Thank you again for y'all being such a great company. Y'all are truely amazing."