July 27, 2016 Very first deliveries this week of our 5 foot and 4 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pads.

Hi Patrick,

I got my mousepad yesterday, and so far I am very satisfied with it. It's very high quality and worth the money in my opinion, and it's very comfortable for my wrists. I bought it mostly to protect the surface of my desk, and it seems very good for doing just that. I attached a picture of it to this email. I would definitely recommend this product to friends.
Thank you for your concern, Michael, FL

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The largest tech blogger in Portugal - moda' a'foca just awarded Pad-Zilla™ with a dual award. We received their Gold Award and their Recommended Award!


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Portuguese video translation:

Good morning, my name is Levi Dias and today I will do a review of Padzilla the world's biggest mouse pad.

The pad is well accommodated in this large hard cardboard tube. Printed and clearly visible, they have various information related to the product around the tube. Without any hesitation and in large letters, the dimensions of the mat, 1 meter and 52 cm wide and 76 cm high and 3 mm thick. We can safely say it is the mouse pad with the larger are we've ever had opportunity to do review.
The company at MousePads.cool put everything by topic, cite the main reasons for choosing this product, yes because its dimensions have objectives to achieve. Protect and fully cover the desk, never run out of space, change the appearance of the desk for something artistic and with the possibility to choose between various designs and colors, responsive surface and makes the experience of using the mouse freely. On the official site have available a tab with these and other reasons for choosing this product with related photos, the concept is very interesting and if you have curiosity, visit the link in the description of this video.

Information content and the official website.
The choice of design and then customize with your image with different sizes and shapes available, the customization factor is something that every time gives value to a setup.
At the top is the identification of the model, in this case the SKU 013 with the name "d", I'll leave a note with the link page gives this product.
The unboxing experience is simple and strengthening again that the pad is well protected during transport and is within a plastic so as not to damage the design. It was certainly an experience to integrate this giant pad in my setup, it's usually just lift the mouse and keyboard and land it, but in this case with these dimensions I advise removing all the desktop including monitor and speakers to correctly land the carpet. After integration and with the mat stretched out I immediately started to view the large space that got to move the mouse and the fact that a completely different environment with the pad design.

And so began the tests becoming my main mousepad that I use daily. Using a daily pad with these dimensions mean that the surface of the desk completely changes due to the same being covered by the pad, all the daily operations are influenced since the writing on a paper or simply contact with the surface of the arms. After a long time to use this pad I consider it a very positive experience, my desk had a cold surface when landing the forearms causing discomfort to skin contact. With this pad it is much more comfortable to be properly sitting on the desk.
There are many other advantages, such as if they have a notebook or other computer does not need an extra rug, ultimately improving your overall productivity due to any surface of your desk is covered with the same pad. To illustrate the use of the pad, I could not miss a gameplay latest game Blizard the Overwatch. With this pad experience in the game is automatically improved, simply because there is no concern with the pad limit. Note the resting of the forearms on the desk that promotes better posture.

The so famous CS: GO continues to be competitive when the FPS is the best examples for use of the pad. Especially for the types of competitive FPS games like this, where there is special attention to sensitivity and dpis they use the mouse to have a better precision the player needs to find its own configuration for greater control is made one considerable reduction in dpi's mouse resulting in a lower sensitivity, and consequently the player has to move the mouse so extra space become essential for the mouse. On the site you can see photographs of other people to use their pad-zillas. https://mousepads.cool/uses/user-photos

Another aspect that personally I give a lot of value, is that the edges of this mousepad are cooked evenly all around, making the product more durable unlike many others who have had that ended up to undo, and left marks the edges of the skin, making the experience uncomfortable. In this, not only is there a concern to bake around with a closed point and the line color that be in harmony with the carpet design, once again, the customizable touch the brand is in action.
The mat surface is very smooth which makes quite responsive pad, tested several mice with different technologies and had no problems neither with this surface, is quite comfortable contact with the skin and other super positive aspect regarding this material is you can wash with a damp cloth and due to resistance the colors and the design will not be affected. By experience after some messes to use this pad design and colors are without any wear. The back of the pad is made of 100% natural rubber, eco-friendly materials and various quality certifications, which guarantee a non-toxic, odorless, non-slip and waterproof result.
Was looking for a mousepad like this for a long time, when we became aware of this pad with these dimensions were admired because it is not easy to find. It came to solve in my case some problems I had with the surface of my desk which as I mentioned is cold and due to some work I did, I damaged it slightly and this rug will not only protect the entire surface as hid some previous imperfections. Is being very positive experience of using this pad, which I recommend to anyone looking for something different, with high quality and with a degree of customization above average this type of product.
Thus ended the Padzilla review a very different pad that meets your goals and meet the needs of different types of users, find this product for sale on this site in the description with the cost of 65 €, if you liked the video leave your like and subscribe to not lose more videos like this. My name is Levi Dias and until the next video.


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Droid Horizon (www.DroidHorizon.com) in the UK awarded the Pad-Zilla™ a 9.8 out of 10 calling it "Amazing." In the same series with Droid Horizon we beat Steelseries who were awarded a 9.5! Here's their article reprinted with permission.

Pad-Zilla The World’s Biggest Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are normaly the last thing on your mind, and a lot of us will just go for those red £2 mouse pads you get from magazines. Gamers will go the extra mile when it comes to mouse pads, but the Pad-Zilla is the extra extra mile.

Pad Zilla 3 resize

The Pad-Zilla comes in at 60″ long, by 30″, that’s right! This is a 60″ mouse pad, and as you can see in the pics, this is a huge mouse pad. We are currently using the Pad-Zilla in the meeting room, as it gives a nice space for meetings and conference calls.

The Pad-Zilla is made to cover your entire desk, and a large part of the meeting table. But a standard 5′ desk, is completely covered and allowed me to experience a new freedom, the freedom of my entire desktop being my mouse pad. The Paz-Zilla is made of  slightly textured fabric with a silk finish, which I found perfect for mouse movement.

Pad Zilla 4 resize

The Pad-Zilla is coated with a water resistant cloth finish, which means any spillages can just be wiped away and not absorbed into the pad. Along the bottom is a non-slip rubber base, which stops it from moving around my desk.

I tested with a spillage of my morning tea, the liquid sat on top of the mat, allowing me to clean it with a cloth. There was no residue or wet patches after it had been cleaned. The non-slip also works incredibly well. When I had the laptop and mouse on top, I wanted to move the mat a bit, this was actually rather difficult. I had to eventually lift it from the edges and drag it across the desk.

Pad Zilla 2 resize

Though there are other uses to the Pad-Zilla, they claim it can be used as:

Wall art, table protectors, floor mats, meditation mats, dog/cat pads, trade show table dressing, company promotion, techie presents, and more!

I can’t say I would use it as wall art, but it does work well as a center table spread.

Pad Zilla 1 resize

he Pad-Zilla comes in at $60, which on the face of it, looks like a really expensive mouse pad. But you have to look at the added benefits of the Pad-Zilla, the fact it makes your entire desk a mouse pad is a big bonus for me.


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