Michael ChowPatrick, I should have sent this note earlier — thank you SO MUCH for everything. I HAVE been enjoying the mousepad you sent me, it’s been critical to my recovery. I basically spent a two full weeks after surgery on my ass enjoying this beauty of a thing. Improved my Counter-Strike performance dramatically, because I use a really low mouse sensitivity for higher precision.

And I haven’t been back to Santa Monica yet, but my wife’s cousin (who is taking care of the house) received the custom gray pad, put it on my desk, and said it’s beautiful and fits perfectly. I’m heading back there for a few weeks to get some things in order at work, before coming back here to Baltimore. So I’ll get a few weeks with it and my home rig, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for it. =) I’ll send pictures when I arrive.

I can’t thank you enough, and I look forward to my next order (probably for my desk at work). I work at Riot Games — so at that point, you might get a bunch of new orders because I’m sure the pad will accrue admirers. =)

Thank you again, Patrick — really!!!!!

Michael Chow
R&D at Riot Games
Harvard University
Santa Monica, California


I don't normally take time to write about products I buy, but I wanted to thank you very much for the great product quality you're offering. 
I just received my printed giant mouse pad and it is amazing!!! I play alot of FPS games so this is going to help with that low mouse sensitivity!

I think you're the only one offering that kind of mouse pad. Thanks again and keep that good work ! :)


YouTube vlogger iiTzDAZE did a wonderful 23 minute review of our 5 Foot Solid Black Pad-Zilla® giant mouse pad. Many of you have asked for videos of Pad-Zilla® actually on desks. We are also building our own video studio and will begin to create our own.


Miguel (iiTzDAZE) was also kind enough to send along these images. Thank you iiTzDAZE for a great video! (Please click image to enlarge)

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Please visit iiTzDAZE's YouTube Channel


Evan in Australia received on of our first 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pads! Thank you Evan for a great review and pictures!

Hi Patrick,

This has been my mousepad for the past 4+ years, a Mionix Sargas 900.


As you can see the cloth surface where it bonds to the rubber mat has become separated over time, an inherit problem faced at some point in time by users of this style of pad.

So, I went in search of a replacement but I wasn’t going to settle for anything that didn’t have a fully stitched edge to stop the cloth from lifting which seemed almost impossible to find until a video from Linus of Linus Tech Tips showed up in my YouTube subscription feed featuring the Pad-Zilla™ which ended my search.

I reached out to you back on the 23rd of June 2016 and after several emails conversations and waiting for the launch of the solid black version I am now a proud owner of a 5 foot all black Pad-Zilla™


I opted for the 5-foot version as my desk is around 8.2 feet long so it covers my main working area and more. The material and craftsmanship of the pad was everything you promised it would be from the ultra-smooth cloth used, the 3mm rubber backing, to the tight knit sewn edge which borders the pad.

I am very impressed with the whole product and especially knowing the tight knit sewn edge will never fray.


After our initial contact, where you had just gone into production of the all black versions of your 4 and 5 foot mousepads to successfully receiving the mouse pad on the 10th of October, the wait was well worth it. My desk looks clutter free, impressive and is all that I had hoped for.

I am more than happy to provide this feedback for the benefit of your future prospective customers and I wish you the very best with this excellent product. I am sure that others will be as pleased as I am and will also be able to see the benefits and quality that the Pad-Zilla™ provides.

Thank you Patrick.


Our new friend Trevon sent in this cool review and picks. Thank you Trevon!


Sorry I've been so late getting these pictures to you. I guess I just replied to my own email and didn't realize it till now when I was cleaning out my old emails. I want you and your team to know how much I love this mouse pad. The problem was it made my desk look like complete crap after I put it down that I had to Re-paint my desk so it didn't look terrible compared to my new Mat from MousePads.Cool.

Everyone who sees it loves it and I'm putting out the word how satisfied I am. Even my ancient old PC looks cooler and faster just by setting on it. lol. Anyway keep up the good work and if you can use any of these pics feel free to do so.

Game On!
Trevon Glosser

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