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The business MousePads.Cool, was created in response to the limited solutions of standard mousepads and desktop environments. In addition to the expanded functionality of our desktop mousepads from their larger size, we have added an aesthetic element above and beyond the standard mousepad by searching for dynamic, beautiful imagery which is printed on our pads. Also, the pads have a beautiful fabric finish which is not only excellent for mouse tracking but also pleasing to the touch. They are sturdy, clean well with water and generally have a high wear factor. 

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    Inventorying Our First Shipment
(with Limited Edition reusable tube)

These mousepads are intended to make your work space better. They free your hand motion from any concerns of experiencing limited space; add color, depth and image to enhance your computer station, whether it be for work, play or other endeavor or creativity, and introduce an overall ease of use and enhancement. We at mousepads.cool have been working for over a year to refine the mousepads and overall marketing to bring this product to the general public as a solution and general workspace enhancement.

The goal of our business is to redefine how users think about desktop solutions, organization and environment, and in particular how mousepad solutions fit into that greater awareness. As such, our pricing, manufacturing, website presentation and general marketing are all aligned to support that overall purpose. We continue to refine these aspects one day at a time, and will continue to do so.

We currently offer one size only, and twenty-five designs. However we will be expanding our product line to include additional sizes and designs in the near future as fits our growth model. We also offer custom printing options for our customer base. Additionally, we are continually researching any improvements we can make to any and all aspects of our product line, from production concerns to customer support, and all the steps in between. 

Should you have any questions regarding our product, do not hesitate to contact us. We unconditionally believe in and guarantee these pads. As such we are happy to answer any question or concerns one may have as we truly want to share these with our potential customers. One thing we have learned over the last year -

Once you use one of these pads for a bit, you'll never go back to the older 'mousing solutions'.

Best Regards,

The Mousepad Team